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3D Visualization Services:If you are a real estate agent or a client involved in planning and developing new property, and if  you need help to bring new buildings to life in 3D Virtual Reality for professional marketing purposes, then photorealistic renderings and interactive 3D models are the answer. PHIARCS SOLUTIONS provides you with the best Architectural visualization services around.

(A) PHOTOREALISTIC CGI:  Computer generated graphic images. The whole scene(exterior/interior) is modeled and materialed at first. Then we provide real world sunlight/skylight  fittings. The final rendered output is taken finally for post production stages.

(B) Photomontage/ Virtual Staging: It's a process of placing a new model into a existing photographed scene. A high resolution photograph of the actual existing scene is send from the client's side and, we merge the new proposed 3D model over it using several Post production Techniques. Virtual staging is too a similar process, but it is mainly used to digitally and realistically furnish any home interiors for faster renting or selling purposes. In Virtual staging high Quality Interior images are photomerged with 3d furnitures to achieve a photorealistic effect.

(C) Illustrative Images (Artist Type): These images are actually used at the earlier and later stages of project ie. when a client needs to visualize a quick demo 3D visual of scene at planning stages of the project , or when he needs a Artistic impression of the final  3d visual as an art for decoring his wall.