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Conversion services is an art of converting the poor quality drawings to superior quality ones. These services help businesses in various industries to manage and organize large volume of documents, and at same time control the costs. The paper drawings are subject to wear & tear, they fade with time and are costly to store. On the other hand the electronic version can be reviewed, edited & plotted with ease and are safe and easy tostore, handle and share. The ability to accurately capture old, smudged and dense information comes only after years of experience and processes which ensure that the output is accurate. PHIARCS SOLUTIONS offer complete Paper to Cad conversion/drafting services at competitive prices with the precision and quality you can depend on. However easy it may sound, conversion can be difficult.

We Provide the following Format Conversion Services

  • PDF to CAD
  • Tiff, jpeg, bmp formats to CAD
  • Hand sketches/ scribbles to CAD
  • Scanned documents to CAD
  • Old Blueprints to CAD
  • Photographs to CAD
  • Raster image to CAD
  • CAD redrafting and Conversion

We at Phiarcs help clients for

  • Preparing layer structure in accordance with your specifications or countrystandards
  • Preparing dimension chains that fit into your project
  • Preparing template files that contain your project standards
  • Checking the superposition of floors considering external walls, stairs, elevators,structural elements etc.