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Blueprints For Tomorrow

Actually pronounced the company name as 'Fiarcs', it brings out the brand personality of the company. A company with a futuristic vision and goal.

Origin of the name:The phi, or 1.6180339887 or otherwise widely known as "The Golden Ratio," was discovered by Euclid more than two thousand years ago because of its crucial role in the construction of the pentagram, to which magical properties had been attributed. Since then it has shown a propensity to appear in the most astonishing variety of places, from mollusk shells, sunflower florets, and rose petals to the shape of the galaxy. Psychological studies have investigated that the Golden Ratio is the most aesthetically pleasing proportion extant, and it has been asserted that the creators of the Pyramids and the Parthenon employed it. Renaissance artists of the 1500's in the time of Leonardo Da Vinci knew it as the Divine Proportion. In India, it was used in the construction of the Taj Mahal, which was completed in 1648.

While blending the concept of golden ratio(Phi) with Architecture thus gave the idea of PHIARCS. Phiarcs Solutions complements the brand equity: 'Blueprints For Tomorrow' means the company is always ahead of the competition and the clock .

Individuals requesting for a one-time project(From start to finish)Developers requiring professional property marketing servicesArchitects/Engineers/Interior designers requesting product modelling, 3d visualization and construction documentation services

Contractors/Exterior Facade designers requiring product modelling(eg. exhibition stalls, Kitchen cabinetry) and Aluminium Fabrication/Panelling designing services

Real estate agents/ photographers requiring their hand sketched plans to be converted digitally to suitable CAD or other specified formats

Fixed Cost Based : Quote is based on the project type, duration, and the level of expertise required etc. Rates for projects will vary depending on the complexity and the tight deadline provided. This option will be beneficial for starting level clients who are having limited number of projects of diverse types

Hourly Based: Rates is based on the hours consumed for the project. Working extra hours is billable to client. Rate per hour will be quoted based on the expertise required for the project. This is monitored through weekly timesheets and progress reports. We don't charge for any mistakes from our side.For any modifications or revisions of the project we charge as per hourly rates.

Team Month Based: Customer will be provided with a team containing Project Manager, Team leader and related members . He can train and share his work standards with the team. Payment to Phiarcs will be fixed amount per month. This method is beneficial for clients having considerable volume of specialized design needs.

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Why Phiarcs Solutions ?

Phiarcs Solutions complements the brand equity: 'Blueprints For Tomorrow' Means the company is always ahead of the competition and the clock.

Time Factor - Our Indian time zone is 12 hours ahead of North America , about 5 hours that of UK and Europe and 5.5 hours behind Australia. While the customers go back from work, the day begins in India and the work gets done by the time customer comes back to office the next day.

Cost Effective - Second one is cost reduction factor. Customers can avail services from us at best industry rates and within specified time frame.Quality Assurance - Third one is the quality at which they receive their product. Your CAD formatted drawings are redrawn and checked accurately so that they are fully useable for future modifications and design.

Time Saving - You don't need to waste anymore of your organization's time redrafting hardcopies into CAD files. You can leave your valuable time on core work and leave the cad conversion to us.

Saving Storage Space - Digital drawings is now becoming mandatory in certain countries. We help you to free up space and reduce the number of bulky file cabinets by converting the scanned paper ones to CAD formatted files.

Quality Assurance - Third one is the quality at which they receive their product. Your CAD formatted drawings are redrawn and checked accurately so that they are fully useable for future modifications and design.

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At PHIARCS SOLUTIONS we possess a wide range of skills and are fully committed to design excellence. We can provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to your individual needs. We provide a one-stop solution point for converting handmade technical drawings (Raster to vector, architectural, engineering and structural, etc. into CAD drawings.

We are led by qualified architects and designers who manage all projects from requirement through to delivery. The flexibility of our team enables projects of all sizes to be undertaken. PHIARCS SOLUTIONS are fully capable and equipped to provide any solutions required for AutoCAD Drawings and designing. Services which are offered by us are creative, inventive, adds value to clients business and most important are as per customer's requirements.

Blueprints For Tomorrow

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